Aquaponics Book

The book Aquaponics: a Comprehensive Guide to Proven Principles and Practices is being written to convey the current state of knowledge in the field of aquaponics. It will be directed at all levels of interest in aquaponics, from hobbyists to commercial producers and all levels of experience from beginners to well seasoned operators. Major emphasis will be placed on aquaponic systems, fish, plants and water. Though the book draws on scientific research and practical experience in the hobby and commercial sectors, it will present information in a way that can be of immediate use to the reader. The reader can find the information he or she needs quickly and will not be overburdened with a lot of background material. However, if it is essential to know the theory behind the practice for informed decisions, it will be given.

The authors, Dr. James Rakocy and Dr. Wilson Lennard, have more than 49 years of combined experience in the field of aquaponics and have six degrees in science between them. The authors have many years of practical, hands-on experience in constructing and managing aquaponic
systems. They also have a great deal of experience teaching aquaponics at all levels and
explaining important concepts in simple terms. This is not to say that a researcher would not
benefit from this book, for it presents the current state-of-the-art upon which to advance
aquaponic research programs. The authors have made numerous presentations at scientific conferences.  

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Aquaponics: a Comprehensive Guide to Proven Principles and Practices