The Aquaponics Doctors
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Welcome to The Aquaponics Doctors. If you have come to this website, you most likely know that aquaponics is a technology for raising fish, vegetables and other plants together in a recirculating system. Aquaponics has become increasingly popular because it provides an exciting alternative to conventional aquaculture and agriculture, with numerous advantages, and extends the range of food production to new regions and to people who never considered growing fish with vegetables as a hobby or a career.

The Aquaponics Doctors was created by Dr. James Rakocy and Dr. Wilson Lennard to convey a breadth of aquaponic knowledge, which we have obtained over 49 years of combined aquaponics experience, to guide and assist commercial growers, hobbyists, researchers, extension agents, entrepreneurs, investors and the aquaponics support sector. It is our goal to provide up to date, scientifically supported impartial and informed advice on aquaponics; we want to see you and the aquaponic industry succeed.

Aquaponics Book

The Aquaponics Doctors are currently writing a book: Aquaponics: a Comprehensive Guide to Proven Principles and Practices. This book will draw on our many years of experience in developing our own, commercial-scale aquaponic systems and methods (the University of the Virgin Islands and the Aquaponic Solutions systems methodologies) and our scientific understanding of other aquaponic systems and approaches. It will incorporate the results given in numerous scientific publications written by aquaponic researchers at other universities and report on current advances in the commercial and hobby sectors.

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We provide consulting on all aspects of aquaponics technology from planning and system construction to operations and harvesting procedures. We design systems to meet your production goals or troubleshoot if you are already in production. We develop management systems for fish and plant crop production. We write protocols for maintaining good water quality, removing and utilizing solid waste and ensuring adequate nutrient concentrations for maximum plant growth. We give perspective to newcomers and advice that will prevent costly errors.

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Project Development

The Aquaponics Doctors will serve as consultants on commercial-scale projects in any location worldwide. We specialize in providing the technical assistance required to design, build, operate and manage an aquaponic facility. We provide guidance on system design, equipment and materials selection and sourcing, construction techniques and scheduling, system commissioning, fish and plant crop production procedures and many other aspects of project development. We write manuals specific to your operation and can train employees.

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